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One of the biggest fears that professional athletes face is that dread of “life after playing.” At one point, they’re bona fide celebrities and household names that are adored by the media and fans. But once their time in the limelight is over, that withdrawal of the attention and adulation can be rather hard for many former stars to deal with. More often than not, for all intents and purposes, they completely fade out of our lives.

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That’s why we wanted to take a look at the most forgotten quarterbacks who were once among the very best that the NFL had to offer, but have long since been out of the spotlight. What are they up to these days? Let’s take a look.

What are they up to these days?
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Carl H Pasquarelli says

ah….Joe Gilliam….??


TigerDude . says

I think the ‘best team play’ was Marshall players carrying Leftwich to the next plays as his legs were hurting too much to run, and Marshal won the game. He was a big guy, and they would pick him up after each play and carry him to the next play. Amazing IMO. Just an instant classic.


Gregg Shemp says

That wasn’t Culpepper. It was Leftwich.


arta says

Are any of these guys in the HOF? some i never heard of.


trr says

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Examine the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, class, and religion.

Hear the experiences of the growing number of postcolonial and post-migration people living in the Netherlands. You’ll look at theories and applications of gender, LGBT+, and sexuality studies in activism and consider how identity is affected by gender, sexuality, race, religion, and class, both as experienced and as perceived. To do this, you will visit different NGOs and organizations that advocate for gender, LGBT+, and sexual rights and spend two weeks in Moroccoto get another international perspective on these themes.

You’ll also learn about LGBT+ and queer activism in the Netherlands, sex and gender education, and sex work and sex workers’ rights in the Netherlands. You’ll reflect on the paradoxes surrounding homosexuality and nationalism, and you’ll explore attitudes toward gender, sexuality, race, class, and religion within postcolonial communities coming from the former Dutch colonies (Indonesia, Suriname, the Dutch Caribbean) and post-migration communities (Morocco and Turkey) as well as the gendered and sexualized perceptions of these communities.

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